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_____________________[PRO] parking violation handset

© Eric Gaillard/Reuters

A French policewoman dispalys an electronic parking violation handset and credit card size smart card during a demonstration in Cannes on November 15, 2002. Information about the car and the violation are stored in the handset and then recorded on the smart card, which is then clipped on the windscreen wiper.

The parking violation information in the handset is later transfered to a central computer in police headquarters. Cannes will be the first French city to test the parking ticket handset early in 2003.

совершенно по другому поводу нашел вот какой забавный текст:

Foreign Missions Lag in Payment of Traffic Fines

кусочек оттуда

Russia was given the most tickets, 117, followed by Vietnam with 93. Mongolia, Libya and France were each reportedly fined around 70 times. Officials said 73 diplomatic missions, including the embassies of Russia, Vietnam and France, didn't pay fines, while Japan, Mongolia, Rumania and Mexico each paid one time.

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