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_____________________[PRO] Royal Mail trials electronic stamp technology

марки можно будет покупать через интернет и печатать на собственном принтере...

рисовать при этом на них можно будет что угодно.

Royal Mail trials electronic stamp technology.

Computing - United Kingdom; Jan 30, 2003

Businesses and consumers could be buying electronic stamps on the internet by the end of this year, if Royal Mail trials prove successful. Tests are due to start in the next three months.

'You will be able to buy stamps online and print them on your printer,' Royal Mail information systems director Paul Kelsall told Computing. 'You will also be able to put your logo or a picture next to it.'

The technology is being developed by Lockheed Martin, the company which supplies Royal Mail with its sorting machines.

'It has to interface with the mail sorting machinery so when an electronic stamp hasn't been paid for, it can identify that,' said Kelsall.

The stamps will contain encryption technology to reduce potential fraud.

When an electronic stamp is printed, the cost will automatically be deducted from the customer's account.

Royal Mail is enthusiastic about the arrival of electronic stamps, but is being cautious about their potential.

'We are obviously getting into this because we think people want the convenience that will be introduced with it,' said Kelsall. 'But this is only a trial. We need to check usability and take-up, which is important.'

The stamps will be designed to work with common PC applications such as Microsoft Word and Excel.


- Royal Mail is developing electronic stamps
- Users will be able to download and print stamps directly onto envelopes

неужели самостоятельное изготовление марок - это и есть верх ease-of-use и user convinience? как-то всё это сильно смахивает на первые машины, которые делались как кареты...

я, кстати, так и не понял, хана это филателии или как раз настоящий её расцвет подвалил...

зы: а сколько, например, в америке бинладенов будет намолочено, о-о-о!

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