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_____________________[PRO] Microsoft, HP designing communication-centered PC

Microsoft, HP designing communication-centered PC

"The two companies are expected to demonstrate today a new prototype computer, code-named Athens, that will integrate communications functions into a PC more tightly so that office workers can be more productive.

The Athens PC has a 23-inch flat-screen monitor so that office workers can view more than one document or Web page at a time while they're working. It comes with a phone handset and a video camera so that a user can make video phone calls.

Last fall, HP was the first PC maker to launch a Media Center PC, meant to be the hub of a digital living room, and it was early to market with a Tablet PC, a laptop that uses a stylus to write on a computer screen. HP also showed a model of a communications computer, dubbed the Agora, for telemarketing workers."


какие-то сомнения вызывают все эти стационарные "коммникационные центры".... особенно 23 дюймовые... а ведь не так давно собственно сам гейтс о обьявил о переориентации на, так сказать, "растворимый" компьютер...

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