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[PER] пирОГИ и Financial Times

батюшки, так вот и приходит слава международная... FT печатает заметку о пирОГАх (если я правильно понимаю - поправьте меня, если пирОГИ и ОГИ - это четыре совершенно разных человека).

Shelf Life - OGI, Moscow
Andrew Jack
Financial Times; Apr 26, 2003

A short walk from the bolshoi in central Moscow, a studenty corner cafe is capitalising on the city trendsetters' growing taste for coffee and contemporary literature.

With bright orange chairs, chrome walls, exposed concrete beams and soft Arabic music penetrating the smoke-laden atmosphere, OGI looks like something out of underground Manhattan in the 1980s. This being Russia, there is a well-stocked bar too. Customers nibble at OGI's hallmark cheap Russian pies at tables scattered with newspapers, while behind them some 4,000 books - as well as an assortment of magazines, videos and CDs - are on sale around the clock.

"Books have become trendy," says Vladimir Soldatov, a recently graduated physicist turned bookshop manager. "A lot of our clients are from the Moscow Architectural Institute, and design academies. There are also computer chat groups that meet here." There's no shortage of such Russian greats as Dostoevsky on sale, mostly bought by foreigners visiting or living in Moscow. Locals often buy foreign classics - from Hemingway to Aleister Crowley.

Many of his customers, he says, are inspired by the recommendations of Afisha, a weekly listings magazine. Translations of modern foreign writers - Frederic Beigbeder, Michel Houellebecq, Douglas Copeland - are popular. Russians such as Viktor Pelevin, Vladimir Sorokin and the pseudonymous Boris Akunin have become modern classics. For those in search of contemporary fiction, he advises Fox Mulder Looks Like a Pig, by Andrei Gelasimov and Last Petal by Sergei Kuznetsov.

OGI, 12 Bolshaya Dmitrovka, 007 095 229 3453

жжэшников обозвали "computer chat groups"... не понимают они пока, что речь, как всегда, О Чём-То Большем...


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