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[PER] жж и загадочные исчезновенямя девиц

ого, живой журнал уже как-то связан с загадочными исчезновенями девиц...

вы, пожалуйста, поосторожнее стрелки офлайн забивайте... а то ещё никакого "живого интерпола" не завели.

Online chat tied to young runaway

на всякий случай, вся статья:

Hopkinton girl, 15, reportedly in Rome
By Patrick J. Calnan, Globe Correspondent, 5/12/2003

Police say a 15-year-old Hopkinton girl who allegedly ran away from home Saturday may have met up with a 21-year-old Virginia man she met via the Internet, with the intention of traveling with him to Italy.

Heather Kole-Mullen, who was second violin in the youth philharmonic at the New England Conservatory of Music, was confirmed to be in Rome last night by police tracking her passport. It was unclear whether she was with Marshal Lentini of Norfolk, Va.

But she had confided to a close friend about three weeks ago that she was going to run away and that she had been making arrangements on a computer to meet with Lentini to go to Rome, where she wanted to become a street musician, police said.

Police learned by interviewing some of her friends and dissecting Kole-Mullen's Internet communication that she had been chatting wtih Lentini on livejournal.com. They are still trying to determine whether she met with him Saturday and whether the pair left the country.

'I have nothing to disprove that they are not together,' said Sergeant Chuck Wallace of the Hopkinton police.

Kole-Mullen left a goodbye note on her bed, which was found late Saturday by her mother, Julie Mullen. It stated her intention to go to Italy but made no mention of a travel partner.

'She needed some time to sort things out and needed some time to get away,' Mullen said of the nature of the note. She added that there had been some trouble at home and that she and her husband were going through a separation. She also said Heather's father had been ill.

Hopkinton police have evidence that Lentini may have been in Boston. Another message board posting, written by another girl on livejournal.com, stated that she had met 'Carogna,' [[Bad username: Aarogna]? - только там ничего нету] Lentini's Internet name, at Faneuil Hall on Friday, after she made reference to the fire that occurred there that afternoon, said Hopkinton Police Chief Tom Irvin.

Kole-Mullen, a sophomore at Worcester Academy, was last seen by her family at 10 a.m. Saturday, when her mother dropped her off at the Southborough MBTA commuter rail station. The girl was supposed to take the train to Back Bay to attend a music rehearsal, but when her father went to pick her up at the New England Conservatory at 6 p.m., she was nowhere to be found.

The teenager was last seen carrying her violin case and a red backpack, her mother said.

While Lentini is not facing charges, Hopkinton police are working with various state and federal agencies, along with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, to help get information out about the Hopkinton teen. Parents of the girl urged police to use the Amber Alert System, but Hopkinton police were trying to determine whether the case merits it, since the girl apparently left voluntarily.

The girl's mother also disclosed that her daughter had closed her bank account containing just under $800 and had received an e-mail from Lentini with his mailing address to send a money order to purchase the plane tickets to Rome.

Mullen said that her daughter took her passport. She expressed the hope that Heather, who has not run away before, will contact her or one of her friends to let them know that she is OK.

'She hasn't called -- she left her cellphone behind. She did not want to be contacted,' Mullen said.
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