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_____________________[PRO] Visa, Philips team to promote 'contactless' credit card

Visa, Philips team to promote 'contactless' credit card

Visa International and Royal Philips Electronics have unveiled an exclusive partnership agreement under which the two companies will jointly develop and promote the application of contactless chip technology for payment transactions. Using the technology, consumers could easily make payments to purchase goods or unlock services simply by waving a credit card equipped with a contactless interface at a reader.

обсуждение на /. и несколько цитат оттуда:

I like the convenience idea of it.

But where's the security? I often wonder why the heck credit card purchases don't require a PIN at the very least.
At the very least, the signature process should be retained.

Credit card accounts are inherently very insecure.
I would be interested to know how they would be able to stop "contactless thieves".

If I have more than one credit card which one will it "charge?"

как обычно, порывшись в дискусии, можно найти 5-6 зрелых, небанальных бизнес-решений. и это не включая те, что уже практически разрабатываются:

I had the pleasure of seeing a prototype credit card that had that feature. It was geared toward online purchases and basically worked like this:

1. You had to have a small signal receptor at the time...this was over three years ago and they were trying to get rid of that piece of equipment.
2. When you enter your card info on a website, instead of typing it, you press an area on the card, and it emits a sonic signal that tells the receptor that
- You've actually got the card and
- It's you using it. The info (name, billing address, etc) is all in the card.
3.To prevent someone from stealing your card and using it at their convenience you needed to enter a PIN once you pressed the button to make it work. In the end it auto-filled your forms for you, and I thought as a concept it looked promising.

The button is an excellent idea because you save transmitter life, although I'm sure there's a power supply that can live the life of a credit card. It also controls when the info is sent out. I wouldn't mind throwing a PIN on there either. Hell, I don't even have a credit card, just a check card, so I'm fine with PINs.

да, карточка на картинке к этой истории никакого отношения не имеет, кроме того, что там есть имена филпис и виза... разговор идёт о другой карточке.

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