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_____________________[PRO] Microsoft Blog Policy Coming Down the Pike?

Microsoft Blog Policy Coming Down the Pike?

So far, corporate has yet to weigh in on its growing cadre of bloggers. But that may be about to change.

Despite the fact that more and more Microsoft employees have jumped on the blogging bandwagon, Microsoft has not announced any kind of corporate blogging policy...at least so far.

But it seems as if Microsoft corporate is beginning to take more of an active interest in how its employees are expressing their opinions in their Web logs.

On Tuesday, as part of its ongoing series of discussions about Microsoft and community, the company is holding an internal panel to discuss employee Weblogging.

The meeting was called by Catherine Feldhausen, a member of the Microsoft U.S. corporate communications team. Several Microsoft bloggers are on the docket to present, including Shawn Alexander, Tim Ewald, Beth Goza, Andy Oakley, Robert Scoble, Sara Williams and Sue Ventura, a senior paralegal with the company.

в комментах к этому постингу есть описания, что это за шишки из майкрософта, и даны ссылки на их блоги.

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