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[PER] Matterhorn Reopened After Massive Rock Slide

Matterhorn Reopened After Massive Rock Slide

Authorities reopened the Matterhorn to mountaineers on Friday after closing Switzerland's most famous mountain this week in the wake of a major rock slide blamed partly on hot weather. "The rock removal work at the Matterhorn has been completed," the mountaineering society in Zermatt -- a resort at the Matterhorn's base -- said in a statement.

The closure followed a huge slide which swept down the mountain on the Swiss-Italian border on Tuesday, prompting rescue services to evacuate about 90 climbers by helicopter.

The Matterhorn's craggy peak attracts a deluge of tourists and alpinists each year, providing a major source of income to residents in Zermatt and elsewhere in the region. Experts said a recent record period of hot weather was a major factor behind the slide, having partially melted the permafrost binding together much of the surface of the 4,478 meter (14,690 ft) peak.

ну и жара, горы - и те разваливаются :(( но хоть у кого-то хватает ресурсов их ремонтировать.

а если бы ещё голландцы их строить научились... [мечтательно]

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