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© Shannon Stapleton/Reuters

Some of the approximately 200 members of the Mob Project chant and make bird-like sounds from a Central Park perch near the American Museum of Natural History in New York on July 24, 2003. The 'flash mob' was the fifth installment of the Mob Project, a Web-enabled movement in which a group of people show up at a place at an assigned time, act out a loose script, and then take off. The sudden mobs have so far targeted a Hyatt Hotel, the Macy's rug department, and a high-end shoe store in Soho.

новые формы социальности... дигитальной, как это модно называть... интересно, что все статьи про это явление по-прежнему идут под рубрикой oddly enough (New Yorkers become a mob for fun и другие)... ох, не понимают товарищи журналисты, о чём базар)

ещё несколько заметок:
Technology meets the mob
Shock tactics
It's not your party, but we'll come if we want to

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