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Your "way of suggestion" didn't work very well for us English in your Rhyming Pics post :/ I keep doing things wrong there, only because I'm having picture problems and keep screwing up. I didn't want to say anything but was afraid my picture might now show so I wanted to warn people :( I understand you guys don't usually like comments there but probably most of the new people looking at your site that heard about you from ours don't realize that :/ I hope we Americans don't get on your nerves too badly :/
"LiveJournal.com is an open-source weblog site with over a million users, some of whom use AOL. Last week, AOL began blocking all HTTP requests with "www.livejournal.com" Referer headers.

This is a common practice by image hosting sites to prevent off-site linking of their images and 'bandwidth theft'. However, in AOL's case, they're blocking everything, not just images, effectively breaking all links to any AOL member's site--but only from LiveJournal.

To be clear: nobody on LiveJournal can even make a link to any AOL member site without getting a '404 Not Found' error. We've also heard reports of the same thing happening on AOL properties (Netscape, Compuserve). This concerns us because we have to deal with the support requests: it worked in the past for our users, and it continues to work for other sites, so our users think it's our fault.blockquote".

source: http://hookersandblow.typepad.com/hookers_blow/2003/08/aol_hates_you.html
as for the content of your message, those picture "shoot don't talk" was obviously a joke, and more meant to merely activate those a bit sleepy members.

of course, we do comment our own pictures, as well as the others' ones. of course, you could always ask question about any picture or any "link", and most probably will be answered.

just look at the older "battles"; they are in fact full of comments... we just don't make any special 'rules & regulations', and practices a more organic approach, you know, when the pavement follows the used path…
OK... cool about the rules! I think I tend to worry too much. That's one reason I stepped down as moderator for our community.... I really do worry too much about things.

Thanks for the GREAT info about AOL hosting! Somebody actually wrote a comment how how they heard it could be fixed. I tried it and it worked! :) Thank you very much!!!!! :) (hopefully aol won't catch on to the fix and break it too :/)