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© Peter Macdiarmid/Reuters
The new high-tech Coca-Cola billboard, a 99-foot-wide neon colossus that uses
3,000 LED tiles, is unveiled at dawn in Piccadilly Circus in London.
The sign will use built-in cameras and an on-board weather station to respond
to the weather and interact with people looking at it from the ground.

ну о-очень большая интерактивная мидия. статья reuters (Coca-Cola Unveils High-Tech Billboard) и практически полный перевод у dassa.

How do they get to be the lucky ones :)
funny, zasu found it "scary"... and you think that the viewers are "lucky"...
That is funny :)
cool, yet scary... :/

i've probably read/seen too much sci fi for my own comfort.
why scary? i mean, what scares you most ?
the cameras watching individual people, to respond to them. the problem is having so many cameras watching so many people in so many places, it is an easy jump to a big brother future.