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List of Countries Supporting US Invasion to Iraq


Azerbaijan -- 150-man unit to take part in patrols, law enforcement and protection of religious and historic monuments in Iraq.

Georgia -- 69, including 34 special troops, 15 sappers and 20 medics.

Netherlands -- 1,106, including a core of 650 marines, three Chinook transport helicopters, a logistics team, a field hospital, a commando contingent, military police and a unit of 230 military engineers.

Ukraine -- 1,640 soldiers from a mechanized unit.

Other countries making troop contributions are Kazakhstan (27). Details on these deployments were not available.

вот суки. support Iraq Invasion. надо же так назвать. норвежцы всегда были против и посли туда только саперво и инженерво для ремонта мостов. а официально Осло не поддрживал войну. и народ весь против.
оригинальный заголовок - support iraq effort. даже и неясно становится, кто там так "усилуется". то есть, все это дело называется теперь "iraq effort"...
now now now...

"invasion" and "occupation" are two different things; we've already invaded. now we just need support for our occupation forces. :P
o yes, you are crystal-clearly correct
but of course... i'm american - we're always crystal-clearly correct.

cough cough...
Well, I support the invasion, but I am not there. Hmm.