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[PER] Earliest Known Uses of Mathematical Words

James Joseph Sylvester, who introduced the words matrix, discriminant, invariant, totient, and Jacobian; Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz, who introduced the words variable, constant, function, abscissa, parameter, coordinate and perhaps derivative; René Descartes, who introduced the terms real number and imaginary number; Sir William Rowan Hamilton, who introduced the terms vector, scalar, tensor, associative, and quaternion; and John Wallis, who introduced the terms induction, interpolation, continued fraction, mantissa, and hypergeometric series.

богатый ресурс, многие вещи из разряда "удивительное - рядом". неужели греки не использовали параметр в примерно том же значении, что и мы сейчас? и потребовалось его вводить? или почему, например, в моей голове координаты немедленно связываются с декартом, а вовсе не с лейбницем?

"In the winter of 1975, while he was preparing the manuscript of his first book, Mandelbrot thought about a name for his shapes. Looking into his son's Latin dictionary, he came across the adjective fractus, from the verb frangere, meaning 'to break.' He decided to name his shapes 'fractals.'"

осталось только дождаться, когда у сына появится какой-нибудь древнегреческий словарь... и заглянуть...

Earliest Known Uses of Some of the Words of Mathematics

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