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____________________[PRO] Digital Revolution Failing To Deliver

"Somewhere along the way, the promise of the digital revolution to make our lives easier, simpler, better is not being delivered.
In fact, in many respects, it’s only made life more complicated"
Gerard Kleisterlee, President & CEO Royal Philips

  • The Yankee Group recently reported that 30 percent of all home networking products sold today are returned because the consumer can’t get them to work.

  • 48 percent - almost a half - of potential digital camera owners are delaying their purchase because they perceive the products to be too complicated.

  • 25 percent – that’s the number of Americans who think they already own an HDTV. Twenty five percent. Wouldn’t that be nice? We’ve succeeded in confusing consumers about the most basic of consumer electronics products – their television.

"Last month ... the ABC Network television news program "20/20" [... ] had put a consumer in a room with all kinds of consumer electronics products, given him a universal remote control from Philips [Pronto], and turned him loose. Well, you can imagine how the story goes. The person failed miserably at getting the products to work with the remote and left in frustration."

короче, те ещё помои вылили. да и поделом - Philips CEO: "Digital Revolution Failing To Deliver".

вообще, кошмар какой-то, конечно. никто уже ни в чём не может нехрена разобраться... и тем не менее они продолжают молотить и молотить свои гэджеты :((( а учить ими пользоваться-то кто будет?

но - "к пуговицам пренезии есть? к пуговицам пренезий нет!".

на самом деле, хит самого ближайшего будущего - обучающие и развивающие образовательные методики, точнее, всё те же гэджеты, но со встроенными туда обучающими функциями. кто "талантливее и веселее" всех будет учить людей, тот и победит.
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