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____________________[PRO] interface design on chip

Ken Klask wanted a simple way to build a graphical user interface for a handheld tool. It didn't exist, so he decided to invent it.

What he was looking for was something straightforward for designers like himself to give the electronic gadgets they were creating a fancy graphical screen that users could read easily, and from which they could control the device as handily as they might use a computer mouse. Building it was a time-consuming and costly process. He decided to make it easy and cheap.
- A Chip That Makes Electronics Easier To Use.

помимо дизайнеров электронных гэджетов, жизнь обещает быть лучше и для рядовых юзеров:

The upshot for consumers: more electronic products with dynamic Windows- or Macintosh-like GUI interfaces will be showing up in kitchen appliances or in the car or even at the gasoline pump--all of them made more easily (and cheaply) than ever before.

не очень понятно, в чём радость от создания отдельного чипа на эту тему; в монстрах типа nexperia такую фиговину просто вставляют как отдельный програмный блок, причём в более продвинутных версиях его можно чуть ли не беспроволочно заменять.

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