centralasian (centralasian) wrote,

_____________________[PRO] i am and i am not :: walter truett anderson

"...at any given instant i experience an "i" and can summon up a horde of memories that support the image of what is sometimes called “the autobiographical self”, but the "i" may feel, think, and behave differently at different times. and it is quite clear that in different situations … i may remember things differently.

i may revise points of fact in my autobiography, forget some things i had once remembered, remember some thins i had forgotten. or – over the course of successful psychotherapy or simply in the process of growing older – i may leave the factual data pretty much intact but greatly change the meanings and interpretations of the event that make up the story of my life. in the same memories i step and i do not step, i am and i am not"
walter truett anderson, the future of the self: inventing the postmodern person

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