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____________________[PRO] Listening to Users - I

кстати, о "голосе народа": Listening to Users - Design Issues, первая из четырёх статей-интервью о понимании "мобильных юзеров".

"...in Microsoft the deadline was 'king', while at Apple the product was 'king'. ...far too many companies in the mobile industry veering towards the Microsoft line. Apple [from other side] provides examples of the benefits of getting the user interface (UI) and design right. Users are delighted with a new Apple and are therefore prepared to pay more."

"A major oil company found that its engineers were having difficulties using smartphones. What was the problem? The designers were in their 20s and most of the engineers were in their 50s. What was a reasonable screen size and UI to one, was not to the other."

"For focus group testing of new devices and services, ... vendors and operators must start getting feedback on the UI. Research must also find out how users would really utilize new services, rather than ask mundane questions about possible future usage. This often requires real world settings such as focus groups taking place in the home."

к сожалению, 'that's great in theory but business just isn't like this.' Products have to be launched to match competitors, develop new services and continually evolve offerings."

и он ещё ничего не говорит о мифологических "финансовых аналитиках" и "ежеквартальных пргонозах продаж".

user-driven design, ага.

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