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[PER] bodabodamen & sugar-mummies

In order to examine the sexual behaviour of a highly mobile social group, qualitative data and quantitative data were elicited from 212 private motorbike taxi-men, locally called bodabodamen, from two study sites in Masaka, Uganda.

Research techniques employed were a questionnaire, focus group discussions, in-depth interviews and case studies. Findings indicate that bodabodamen are a highly mobile group who engage in frequent seasonal rural-urban migration. Consequent to this, bodabodamen have a wide network of both occasional and regular sexual partnerships.

Both serial and concurrent multiple partnerships are with adults, youths, widows, students, sugar-mummies, barmaids, commercial sex workers, tailors. Exchange plays a significant role in sexual negotiations but the act of giving to a sexual partner is ambivalent in its social interpretation. Since bodabodamen have regular access to cash, they have higher bargaining power for sex. - "Mobility, sexual networks and exchange among bodabodamen in southwest Uganda", by Stella Nyanzi, Barbara Nyanzi, Bessie Kalina, Robert Pool, Culture, Health & Sexuality, v 6(3)/May-June 2004, pp. 239-254.

фотография не моя, нашёл в каком-то блоге; говорят, что это именно масака.

из "нового" - не только забавные bodabodamen, но и sugar-mummies - я не знал этого выражения раньше. даже не знаю, с какой стороны подступиться для перевода его на русский.

"bargaining power for sex" тоже ничего, хотя это академический канцеляризм чистой воды, конечно.

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