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[PRO] Psychic Girl Possession Protector

новая модная фенечка - Psychic Girl Possession Protector.

вот некая про это дело статья -

Psychic Protection Plan Hits Hollywood

Wanna protect yourself and your possessions in this terrorized world? Then you need a Psychic Girl Possession Protector, the newest spiritual accessory to hit Hollywood.

Forget all those boring Kabala red string bracelets. Justine Kenzer’s eye-catching, brightly-colored porcelain pieces framed in gold or silver, look way cool hanging from your belt loop, purse, cell phone, computer case, rear view mirror, anywhere that needs extra protection.

There are 15 Possession Protectors: two versions of Buddha (Embodiment of Consciousness), Isis (Goddess of Magic), Eye of Horus (Wards off the Evil Eye), White Tara (Goddess of Longevity), Maneki Neko (The Lucky Cat), Ganesh (the Good Luck Elephant) Jesus (The Embodiment of Light and star of Mel Gibson (news)’s new film), Vishnu (Embodiment of Supreme Reality), Quan Yin (Goddess of Compassion), Fortuna (Duh, Goddess of Prosperity), Kali (Destroyer of Illusion), Krishna (The Divine Awakener), Saraswati (Goddess of Creativity).

All are available at Kenzer’s website www.PsychicGirl.com for a mere $30. Add an extra $3 for a leather strap so you can wear it as a bracelet.

Kenzer is a sought-after Hollywood psychic and no, she can’t divulge all her celebrity clients. But trust us, stars and studios heads ask for her help picking projects. How? She simply helps individuals connect with their higher self by intuitively reading and healing them.

You can order your very own psychic reading via instant message or phone. A 30-minute instant message reading is $60. A 60-minute instant message reading is $100. A 45-minute in-person or phone reading is $125. To set up an appointment, simply go to her website.

Kenzer started out as a clothing designer, steeped in the fashion world thanks to her family’s clothing and shoe stores.

By age sixteen, she was making and selling her own clothing and jewelry designs to local LA stores. After design school, she started her own small clothing line but in her free time, she was studying spiritual philosophies and developing her psychic ability. Her psychic talents, at first merely a hobby, ended up replacing her day job.

It was clearly "in the stars."

Kenzer, currently in development for her own TV show, is considered "Tinsel town's hottest, uncannily accurate psychic," says InCircle magazine. She’s been written about in InStyle, Entertainment Weekly, Glamour and Seventeen.

In 2003 E! Entertainment asked Kenzer to forecast who would be nominated in the Emmy female comedy category. She not only predicted all five nominees but also foresaw the win of Jennifer Anniston weeks before the awards.

So do yourself (and your material goods) a favor. Grab a Possession Protector and feel instantly safer and chicer.

By Elizabeth Snead, Fashion Wire Daily April 30, 2004

из полезного - список божеств и их зон действия:

Buddha (Embodiment of Consciousness)
Isis (Goddess of Magic)
Eye of Horus (Wards off the Evil Eye)
White Tara (Goddess of Longevity)
Maneki Neko (The Lucky Cat)
Ganesh (the Good Luck Elephant)
Jesus (The Embodiment of Light) !?
Vishnu (Embodiment of Supreme Reality)
Quan Yin (Goddess of Compassion)
Fortuna (Duh, Goddess of Prosperity)
Kali (Destroyer of Illusion)
Krishna (The Divine Awakener)
Saraswati (Goddess of Creativity)

из высокотехнологичного - "чтение психики" по мобильному телефону или в чате.

да, кстати, мальчики, как всегда, остались обделёнными.

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